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About Bedford County Shop With A Cop

Dedicated to Making a Difference in the Lives of Bedford County Children

The Bedford County Shop With A Cop Campaign was launched in 2020 and is a Non-Profit Organization with the purpose of helping children who were victims of crime or unfortunate circumstances that involved law enforcement throughout the year. Bedford County Shop With A Cop is a wonderful way to foster the relationship between state police and children. It shows our local children they can trust state police and local law enforcement. Thanks to the dedication of Trooper Michael Whelan, Bedford State Police, local law enforcement, the United Way of Bedford County, Your Safe Haven, Altoona First Savings Bank, Bedford County DA’s Office, Wal-Mart, and many sponsors, this program is able to help Bedford County children go Christmas shopping. If you would like to nominate a child or sponsor a child, please fill out a form on our website. Contact us with any questions you may have. We thank you for your continued support!

Our Mission

Brightening the lives of children by building and fostering relationships with local law enforcement

Meet Trooper Whelan

Organizer of Bedford County Shop With A Cop

Trooper Michael Whelan of the Pennsylvania State Police first made the pitch to bring the Shop With A Cop program to Bedford County. He is dedicated to ensuring that Bedford County children who are victims of crime or unfortunate circumstances have a special Christmas while forming a special bond with police officers. Trooper Whelan has been a police officer with both state and local police for 8 years. He has worked with Shop With A Cop in Maryland and in Greensburg, PA.

Trooper Michael Whelan

What is Shop With A Cop?

Each holiday season, a sponsored child is paired with a law enforcement officer who during the event will spend time and assist that child in purchasing Christmas presents. This fun activity is aimed at promoting a trusting relationship between the child who was involved in a crime or unfortunate event and the police officer or state trooper. It is a truly amazing time for all involved. We encourage you to get involved by sponsoring a child, donating to our cause, or simply promoting our posts on social media. Any act of involvement is greatly needed and appreciated.

Why Shop With A Cop?

Many of these children were involved in a situation that could make their view of police officers’ negative. The goal of this program is to help these children develop a better and more trusting relationship with police officers. This program provides not only a way for children to bond with and get to know local police officers but also ensures they have a special holiday season.